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BFF Gym Workouts You Need To Try

Working out with your best friend is not only fun, but it’s also a great way to motivate each other. In fact, research shows that people who partner up for their workouts are more likely to stick to their routine than those who work out alone. If you’re looking for some new gym workouts to…

May 17, 2022     , ,
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Many people are unaware of what HydroMassage exactly is, and in turn the benefits that come with using this form of recovery. Below, we’ll guide you through what it’s all about, including the benefits of using HydroMassage and how it can take your recovery to the next level.   HydroMassage – what is it?  …

May 11, 2022    
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Everyone loves the feeling after a great workout. You’ve put in the hard yards and you’re in a positive state of mind. However, a tough session can lead to muscle stiffness/soreness for the days following. A great way to combat this is to stretch both before and after each workout. Dynamic stretches before a workout…

May 4, 2022     ,
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Having variety in your training program is essential. Performing the same workouts over and over again can become mundane, and the fun and excitement you once had entering the gym can quickly fade. Going to the gym and exercising should NOT feel like a chore. You’re supposed to have FUN! This is why changing your…

April 28, 2022     ,
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Beginner’s Guide for hitting the gym!

Walking into a busy gym can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time and have little knowledge about exercise, you can be swept away with the variety of machines and range of exercises that can be done. Keeping it simple is key. Entering with a plan of what exercises you want to…

April 21, 2022     ,
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Easter is right around the corner, and many are stocking up their fridges (or pantry’s) with the sweet treat that is chocolate. Whilst there are countless varieties, we have gone through some of the more popular variations to deliver you a comprehensive guide on what chocolate is best!   Milk Choc Tried and tested, classic.…

April 12, 2022    
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With World Health Day coming up this week, we thought this would be a perfect time to share some easy tips and tricks on how you can improve your health! During 2021, only 27% of people aged over 15 met the physical activity guidelines. Another study suggested that only 1 in 13 Australian Adults eat…

April 5, 2022    
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Theraguns – What you need to know!

. WHAT IS A THERAGUN?   A Theragun is a massage percussion device that treats sore muscles and relieves pain. The tool is very versatile, and can be used on almost any muscle. Many high profile athletes use the Theragun, such as footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, NBA star James Harden, and surfing’s John John Florence.  …

March 30, 2022     ,
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When should you do cardio?

Cardio can be tough to do even at the best of times. It’s a mental battle like none other. With summer come and gone, winter is approaching, and motivation can be hard to come by. But we all know – summer bodies are made in winter. Whatever form of cardio you choose to do, below…

March 23, 2022    
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What Your Workout Music Says About You!

­­­Whilst gyms may look like just a room filled with weights and machines, there is much more going on, you just need to take a deeper look. In the ears of almost every person, is a secret 1 person festival of all their favourite tunes going on.   Making sure you’ve got the best possible…

March 14, 2022    
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