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How to make working out a habit!

We all know just how hard it can be to get moving consistently, especially now during the colder months when motivation can take a hit! Whether the end goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or simply spend more time working on yourself, the challenge is often more mental than physical. Committing to a solid…

June 28, 2022    
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Best Assault Bike Workouts!

Assault bikes are one of the hardest cardio machines there is! They test not only your physical endurance, but also your mental stamina. The full body workout can push even the fittest to their limits. Today we are taking a look at exactly what an Assault bike is, and some of the best workouts that…

June 22, 2022    
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Best Pre-workout Snacks!

Working around a busy schedule and fitting in time for the gym can be a difficult task. Figuring out what to eat, especially before a training session, can be even harder. Eating too much can result in a sluggish and lethargic session, where as eating not enough, can leave you hungry and without the necessary…

June 15, 2022     ,
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Benefits using Therabody products to recover

Theragun’s seem like a futuristic approach to recovery, however, whilst the technology is at the forefront of innovation, the idea is simple. Pulsing between 1750-2400PPM (Pulses per minute) the Theragun mimics that of a deep muscle massage, only instead of using one’s hands, a ‘percussion gun’ is used. If you’re unfamiliar with Therabody products, in…

June 7, 2022     ,
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How exercise impacts your mental health

  We all know that exercise is great for getting in shape and improving your body, reducing issues such as obesity, blood pressure, and diabetes. However, what some overlook is just how important exercise is on one’s mental health. When working out, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which interact with receptors in your brain,…

May 29, 2022    
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5 tips for a healthy gut!

Gut health is an extremely important aspect of your health, with gut bacteria making up most of the 40 TRILLION that is in your body! Crazy! – HealthLine   Better known as gut microbiome, these affect your overall well-being. Many factors, including what you eat, can have an impact on the types of bacteria found…

May 24, 2022    
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BFF Gym Workouts You Need To Try

Working out with your best friend is not only fun, but it’s also a great way to motivate each other. In fact, research shows that people who partner up for their workouts are more likely to stick to their routine than those who work out alone. If you’re looking for some new gym workouts to…

May 17, 2022     , ,
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Many people are unaware of what HydroMassage exactly is, and in turn the benefits that come with using this form of recovery. Below, we’ll guide you through what it’s all about, including the benefits of using HydroMassage and how it can take your recovery to the next level.   HydroMassage – what is it?  …

May 11, 2022    
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Everyone loves the feeling after a great workout. You’ve put in the hard yards and you’re in a positive state of mind. However, a tough session can lead to muscle stiffness/soreness for the days following. A great way to combat this is to stretch both before and after each workout. Dynamic stretches before a workout…

May 4, 2022     ,
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Having variety in your training program is essential. Performing the same workouts over and over again can become mundane, and the fun and excitement you once had entering the gym can quickly fade. Going to the gym and exercising should NOT feel like a chore. You’re supposed to have FUN! This is why changing your…

April 28, 2022     ,
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