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Top 10 Gym Essentials: The Ultimate Gym Bag Checklist


Struggling to decide what to pack for an efficient gym session? A well-organised gym bag is not just a convenience, it’s a game changer! At Crunch Fitness, we understand the importance of a hassle-free gym experience. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 10 gym bag essentials to streamline your visits and enhance your workouts.


  1. Towel – Adhering to our ‘No Towel, No Workout’ policy, a towel is a non-negotiable item. It’s a gesture of respect and hygiene towards fellow members and helps maintain our equipment in top condition. Forgot yours? Worry not, bespoke Crunch towels are available for purchase at the reception.
  2. Water Bottle – Hydration is key! Ditch single-use plastic and opt for an eco-friendly aluminium or glass bottle. Not only does it help the environment, but it also ensures you’re never without water during your gym session.
  3. Yoga Mat – A personal yoga mat is your trusty partner for floor exercises and group classes. Most of our classes require you to bring your own. But don’t worry, if you forget you can get one at any Crunch reception and enhance your workout comfort.
  4. Padlock – Security first! While our lockers are equipped with locks, a personal heavy-duty padlock offers extra assurance for your valuables.
  5. Smart Watch – A smartwatch is your fitness companion, tracking your progress and keeping you connected. Its convenience lets you focus on your workout without the hassle of handling a phone.
  6. Headphones – Create your workout ambiance. Headphones allow you to immerse in your favourite tunes, boosting motivation and focus.
  7. Hand Sanitizer – Keep germs at bay with a handy sanitizer. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure both personal hygiene and cleanliness of the equipment you use. 
  8. Deodorant – Stay fresh! A quick spray before and after your session is considerate to fellow gym-goers and helps you maintain personal freshness.
  9. Membership Card – Save time and streamline your entry with your membership card. No delays, just quick, hassle-free access to begin your fitness journey.
  10. Foam Roller – Begin and end your workouts right with a foam roller. Ideal for loosening tight muscles pre-workout and aiding recovery post-workout. While we provide foam rollers in some locations, having your own ensures you’re always prepared. Grab one from our reception and make it a staple in your gym routine.

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