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Does Crunch offer month-to-month memberships?

Yes! To suit your lifestyle, we offer month-to-month memberships as well as long term paid up front memberships. Upfront membership options are only available in-club.

Can I join online?

YES! Just join online and your membership card and agreement with be waiting for you at your chosen club.  You’ll be on your way to perspiring to greatness straight away – just remember to come as you are!

What will pay when I enrol at Crunch today?

At Crunch, we are no pressure, no judgments and definitely no hidden costs! Below is a simple breakdown of what you will pay on a month-to-month membership when you an enrol.

Enrolment – This is the fee to process your enrolment, and we’ve got a crazy enrolment deal at the moment!

Pro-rata – We know you can't wait to start Perspiring to Greatness immediately, and the pro-rata fee is based on the number of days between your Membership Start Date and the First Auto Pay date.

Annual – An annual fee of only $39.90 will be charged on the closest billing Friday after 90 days from your Agreement date, and annually each year the Membership is in effect.

Pay as you go - An additional $1 per fortnight is charged for the following benefits:

1) pay as you go processing,

2) no long-term lock-in contract and

3) right to cancel membership at any time by giving 30 days’ notice.

Plus there is a 7 day cooling off period from when you enrol.  Our mission is to help you Perspire To Greatness and to make your fitness journey as easy, enjoyable and as FUN as possible!

For a full copy of our Terms and Conditions just click here!

Do I have to book a tour to check out a club?

All Crunch gyms are a gym for all and our super friendly staff are waiting to welcome you! We encourage you to book a tour through the website to ensure a membership officer is available for a personalised tour! Remember, we are no pressure and no judgments, and our tours are obligation free.

How do I book in for a class?

Our classes are SERIOUS EXERCISE MADE FUN! To join the sweat fest just ensure you see reception and get a stamp before entering the fitness studio.

How do I make a complaint?

We welcome your feedback and we want to hear about ways we can assist you with any concerns you may have. If you have a complaint, please have a chat with our team in club. Alternatively, you can Contact Us here.