Crunch is HIIT-ing play again!

Hey Crunchie!

We've missed you just as much as you've missed us! And now guess what?!?!!

After a very long (and rather painful) PAUSE we are excited it’s finally time to get CRUNCH OPEN again! WE’RE OPENING UP FOR YOU! It’s going to be a NEW CRUNCH WAY as we adhere to hygiene procedures and social distancing restrictions but we guarantee a Fresh and Clean Crunch club to keep you safe and strong! Your Crunch team are being trained in spacing, cleaning and servicing protocols so we are ready for your return to your favourite gym-place; to get you perspiring to greatness again.


We’re super exer-cited to confirm that all NSW & VIC Crunch Clubs are NOW OPEN and will resume normal Club trading hours (excluding Crunch Fitness Highpoint).



We’re pressing Rewind and Pause at Crunch Highpoint. We have been forced back in to Stage 3 of Victorian restrictions coming in to effect 11.59pm Wednesday 1st July and will stay closed until at least Wednesday 29th July. If it’s your home club don’t worry - we have put your membership on hold and there will be absolutely no charges to you at this time. Check our your email for further information relating to your membership.


Hang in there Highpoint Crunchie – keep moving at home with Crunch Live (FREE for all Crunchies!) and before you know it, we’ll be back working out together again!


Thank you for standing by Crunch at this time, we can’t do this without you. Please be kind, considerate and mindful of our team and each other as we navigate this new way. Together we can make 2020 the best COMEBACK year of all time!! So grab your workout buddies, hey – we are all in this together - set some BIG goals, and let’s get MOVING AGAIN!

Click here to see our CEO Selena personally welcome you back!





During our mandatory closure, your Crunch Team has been busy! We’ve done all we can to prepare for your return and making sure your Club is SAFE, FRESH AND CLEAN. Here are just a few things that we’ve completed while we were closed so that you can get back to your workouts safely.


  • Completed additional deep-cleaning and disinfecting of the entire gym, including all equipment and surfaces.
  • Performed preventative maintenance and applied social safety measures to gym and Cardio equipment.
  • Added additional alcohol-based hand sanitisers at Club entry.
  • Increased the amount of disinfecting equipment throughout the Club.
  • Introduced social safety signage and guidelines throughout the Club.
  • Trained our staff to ensure they are aware of all new Crunch procedures.




To ensure your Club stays SAFE, FRESH and CLEAN, we’ve also evolved our policies and procedures to meet or exceed Government guidelines. But don’t worry Crunchie, we’re still making sure your fun never stops! Upon your return and during this Initial stage of Crunch reopening, you’ll notice the following:


  • The use of some personal protective equipment by your Crunch Team who will undertake a pre-shift health check.
  • Increased cleaning frequency by staff and our Hygiene Heroes, particularly in high traffic areas.
  • (NSW) There are no capacity limits, wait times or limits on workout times (woo-hoo!). No bookings required.
  • (VIC) We will be creating zones within our Club and each zone will be limited to 20 people to comply with VIC regulations. There may be wait times to enter your Club especially during peak periods. No bookings required.
  • (NSW) Group Fitness classes are no longer limited to 20 people and class capacity is limited by the one person per 4sqm rule
  • (VIC) Group Fitness class schedules and sizes are temporarily limited to 10 people.
  • We’ve had to make some changes, please visit our online timetable for the latest schedule.
  • There will be a register at front desk and you’ll be required to register before a Group Fitness class starts.
  • With Government restrictions placed on us, all Guest Privileges and Free Passes are temporarily unavailable to help manage occupancy and prioritise Crunch members.
  • We’re asking VIC members to limit gym time to 60 minutes so everyone can Perspire to Greatness.
  • Crèche and Rest and Recovery (including Hydro Massage, Spray Tanning and Theragun) facilities will be temporarily unavailable.
  • Casual visits will be temporarily suspended




The safety of you and our Crunch Family is always top priority, so we ask that upon your return:


  • If you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, please skip your workout and see a doctor immediately. Do not attend your club.
  • Please use a fresh towel every time you work out. No towel, no workout.
  • Please feel free to workout with gloves for your safety.
  • Use hand sanitiser upon entry and wash your hands with soap before and after your workout.
  • Wipe down all equipment after use.
  • Maintain 1.5 meters from your fellow Crunchies on the gym floor, in class and the locker room (1 person 4 sqm at all times).
  • VIC members please limit your workout to 60 minutes.
  • Be Kind: Help keep Crunch a place where people can relieve their stress and anxiety, safely with No Judgments.
  • We’ve got plenty of smiles, but no fist bumps right now.




All Crunch Clubs will be prepared to manage the total number of people in each class through use of a registration sheet that will be checked by the instructor at the start of the class. Here's what we're asking our Crunch members to do:


  • Members to register for a class no more than 15 min prior by advising reception of the class they wish to attend and provide their membership card to be validated
  • If the member is a peak or summit member they will be added to the list unless the class has hit the capacity limit
  • Instructors will collect the registration sheet prior to class and check attendance before they start
  • If members are present in the class and they are not on the list and the class is over capacity they will be asked to leave.
  • Members cannot bring guests to classes on their membership and they can only attend one class per day.


***Bring your own mat, water bottle and towel***






We can’t wait to start Crunching together again! For those of you in NSW, your membership subscription AUTOMATICALLY RESTARTED on the 13th June 2020 and your first billing date will be the 19th June 2020.


For Victorian Crunchies, your membership subscription AUTOMATICALLY RESTARTED on the 22nd June 2020.  Your first billing date will be Friday, 26th June 2020 and will cover your access from the 22/6 to the 2/7. 


You will be credited any unused days from before the mandatory shutdown (happy dance).  Your on-going membership fortnightly billing and annual fee if applicable will recommence as normal from the 3rd of July 2020.


And remember, as of 23/3/20 we put all current memberships on hold and there were absolutely NO CHARGES to you during our closure. Please note that due to the nature of our mandatory closure and the absence of staff from 12pm 23/03/20, any communication you may have sent us regarding your membership was unable to be processed. Once your Club is reopen, you can contact them directly if you still have any queries or requests – we’d love to help!


We can't wait to see you Crunchie, Crunch just isn't the same without you! Make sure you're following us on social for the latest Club reopening updates, and make sure you tell your mates - Crunch is HIIT-ing play again!


Yours sincerely


Your Crunch Team