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#12DaysB4Christmas CRUNCHFIX Program

This 12 Day program will help you blitz your way to a Christmas Celebration! Join Coaches Alissa To’omata and Emma Scrench as they lead you through an array of workouts led by some of Crunches best instructors. Be sure to download your 12 Day program, opt to join the Facebook page for coaching tips and follow us on social media! #12daysb4christmas


• 12 day downloadable calendar
• Workout videos
• Coaching tips
• Coaches to answer all your questions
• Facebook community


Download your #12daysB4Christmas calendar here!

Check out the Crunch Fix Vimeo Showcase here!


Want some extra motivation, helpful training tips and advice or just the magic of having a coach at your fingertips? Join our facebook community below and smash your 12 days with confidence here!