Fatburning Pilates


Fatburning Pilates

The Workout

Fatburning Pilates is a core Crunch Fitness Class. It is a total body, equipment-free work out that sculpts a rock solid core and gives you longer leaner muscles like a dancer.


Get the best of both worlds and the most for your effort with this winning combination: calorie-burning cardio along with Pilates-based toning. Impact safe yet so effective, it maximizes your fat-burning potential. You’ll start with easy-to-follow cardio that skilfully blends dance and low impact cardio with standing Pilates-inspired moves. Get long, lean, sexy muscles with our series of Pilates mat exercises, sure to give you a year-round bikini body!

Why It Works

+ It challenges your aerobic fitness, improves your posture and puts you more in touch with the power of your “core.”


+ There is a floor component of class designed to tighten and tone your favourite body parts, including abs, butt and thighs.


+ For faster results than Pilates alone, this combo workout can help you sculpt your body AND burn fat! For all fitness levels.