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Crunch Your Goals!


Danielle Georganakis


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My favorite saying is, ‘To be average scares the hell out of me!’ It pushes me to set higher goals and continue to learn from the industry’s best. I have a burning a desire to help other people succeed and just be better than they were yesterday. I am a coach not just a PT. So what does a coach do? I can assess strengths and weaknesses in a participant’s performance and identifying areas for further development in sports. I adapt to the needs and interests of individual participants. I can communicate instructions and commands using clear, simple language; ensuring that participants train and perform to a high standard of health and safety at all times. I am constantly developing knowledge and understanding of fitness, injury, sports psychology, and nutrition and sports science. I have motivational skills and an understanding of the psychology that underpins successful competition and always inspire confidence and client’s self-belief.

  • Enterprise Fitness – Elite Personal Trainer Course Mark Ottobre
  • Enterprise Fitness – How to train the Fitness Female
  • Enterprise Fitness – 3 Day Internship
  • Enterprise Fitness – Muscle Testing
  • Andrea Benoit – Hypertrophy Academy
  • Andrew Lock – Functional Rehabilitation
  • INBA Bodybuilding Course
  • Cert 111 & 1V
  • And many more…
  • Previous 15 years experience working in boutique/commercial gyms
  • Experience helping teenagers train for high achieving sports
  • Has 10 years experience prior to Fitness, from the Corporate world as Senior corporate Travel Agent and Insurance consultant
Specialist Areas
  • Muscle testing for food intolerances and supplement protocols
  • Coaching/ Mentoring/ Mindset
  • Body Transformations all types
  • Functional Exercises, Rehabilitation
  • Nutritional Advice and planning
  • Producing personalized programming and periodization’s
  • Pure Strength training and Conditioning
  • Maintaining records of participant performance