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Crunch Your Goals!


Brian Lee


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Brian has over 11 years of Personal Training experience in South Korea and Australia. Brian was a professional Taekwondo martial artist and squash player. He is experienced in training models, athletes and movie stars. In 2014, Brian was awarded the APGA KPGA for the training of a professional golf player.

  • Bachelor of Social Physical Education
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Certificate III in Basic Health Care(First Aid CPR)
  • Certificate III of Sports Curer
  • Taekwondo IV Dan Grade Certificate
  • Certificate III of Children Physical Education
  • Certificate of Physical Education Teacher
  • Certificate of WOW California Personal Trainer
  • Certificate of Advanced Fitness & Bodybuilding Trainer Specialist
  • Certificate of Military Service of Republic of Korea
  • 2 years Personal Trainer in Australia
  • 6 years Personal Trainer in Republic of Korea
  • 3 years Professional Squash Player
  • 3 years Professional Taekwondo player
  • 3 years Children Physical Teacher
  • WOW California & Seoul Personal Trainer
  • FLEX GYM Seoul Personal Trainer Team Manager
  • Korean Celebrities’ Personal Trainer
  • SPART Complex & Park Seoul Sports Team Head Coach
  • Olympic Sport Centre Seoul Head Manager
Specialist Areas
  • Fat Loss
  • Functional Training
  • Sports Specific training
  • Muscle Gain