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Crunch Your Goals!


Alana Daquino


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No ones fitness journey is the same. I find the approach that works best is to keep it simple, focused and have fun. My passion is sharing my knowledge and guiding people to sustain goals through customised programs. Coming from a diverse athletic background beginning in football, cricket, body building and now powerlifting, has now provided me with insights to a broad range of training and nutrition approaches that can be tailored to meet specific goals for beginners all the way through to elite athletes.

I also understand that we have individual challenges in working towards a healthy lifestyle. For me, this was being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 15 years old. Through training and a proper diet I have been able to live a full life and participate in a range of sports at a national level. I’m here to guide you and support you in every step of the process. I am a huge advocate for never giving up! Let’s hit the ground running and get you started today!


• Certificate 4 in Fitness

• Certificate 3 in Fitness

• Senior first aid & CPR

• ICN Bodybuilding 2018

• Body composition


• 2020 – 200 not outs for cricket for Melbourne premier league

• Powerlifting competitor & 2019 first place winner

• Experienced Pro and National level bodybuilding

• 2018 – Ms Figure ICN overall 1st place winner

• 2017 – Monash University Football Club

• 2015-2016 Melbourne Cricket Club premier player

• 2014 Mentone Tigers Football Club player

Specialist Areas

• Muscle building

• Strength Training

• Body transformation

• Fat loss

• Nutritional guidance

• General fitness

• Powerlifting base programming

• Young minds mentoring and positive mindset