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Kartika Lao-Khiev – Member Spotlight Springvale

Highlighting a very special member TIKA.

Tika is such an inspiration to me and all those around her, she has daily challenges but with her Zumba community she can do anything, she developed a love for Zumba and has never looked back, she is now a ZIN and barely misses a class each week.
Here is a bit about our lovely TIKA.

1. What’s something about her that not many people know?
She has a YouTube channel
2. What’s the last book she read?
Happy meal book
3. What is her favorite hobby?
4. What’s the first concert she ever attended?
Wiggles live
5. What’s the next place on her travel bucket list?
6. Is she currently binge-watching any shows?
Yes, never have I ever
7. If she had to eat one meal every day for the rest of her life, what would it be?
8. What’s one item she can’t live without?
9. What made her want to become an Crunch member?
Her Mum highlighted that she likes to dance, so she tried a Zumba class and I loved it!
10. What is her favourite class to attend and why?
Zumba cause she loves the different styles each zin has to offer


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