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What is Yogalates?

This class is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates. You will be taken on a mindful journey where the two disciplines blend, finishing up with meditation.


Is Yogalates for beginners?

Yogalates is a fun class where we encourage everyone to have a go no matter the skill level. Our instructors will modify specific movements for the beginner if needed.


What are the benefits of Yogalates?

Yogalates allows you to develop tone and strength in all the major muscle groups, enhancing your stamina and flexibility as well as improving your balance. This class will help to calm the mind and de-stress the body.


What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

Yoga aims to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health through practising repetitive movements that focus on building flexibility and strength. Yoga should be practised for those who are seeking to unwind and de-stress. Pilates focuses on physical rehabilitation in that it will improve your strength, flexibility and body awareness. Pilates can be more intense as it increases your heart rate through resistance exercises. Pilates is for those seeking to strengthen the core, improve posture, elongate the spine, and develop balance and overall strength.


What is a Yogalates class like?

You will work up a sweat during this fun-filled, relaxing class, going through the motions of Pilates & Yoga infused movements. You will then finish up with a meditation session before the end of the class.


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