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Pilates Glide


Props: Yoga mat  |  Calories Burned: Up to 500  |  Intensity: Moderate - High

What is Pilates Glide?

In this combo class, you will combine a series of Pilates exercises that strengthen and lengthen your muscles along with the use of sliding discs which will have you focusing on your mind, body and core. If you’re looking to lift, tone and tighten all those ‘special’ areas then this is the workout for you. Please bring your own mat.


What is a gliding disc?

A gliding disc is a small disc shaped plate that you use to ‘glide’ during exercise. You can use them with your feet or with your hands.


What muscles does a glider work?

A glider will work many muscle groups including your abdominal muscles, front & back of thighs, calves, chest & back. There are a variety of movements you can use the gliding disc with to achieve amazing results.


What are the health benefits of Pilates Glide?

Increase your stamina & burn calories in this class. You’ll feel fitter & stronger after completing a few classes of Pilates Glide.


Is Pilates Glide suitable for beginners?

If you are not familiar with the disc, it is really easy to pick up & understand how to use it. Our friendly instructors will modify movements for the beginner & we encourage all fitness levels to try out this class – you won’t regret it!


What is a Pilates Glide class like?

Like any other Pilates class, you’ll be performing exercises that challenge your core & strength. This class is unique in that you’ll have the addition of the gliding disc to further challenge you and work up a sweat. This is a cardio-based class so don’t forget to bring your towel!


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