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Mindful Pilates


Props: Yoga mat  |  Calories Burned: Up to 250 for 30 mins  |  Intensity: Low - Moderate

What is Mindful Pilates?

It’s time to connect your mind to your body and bring yourself back into alignment. You can lie on your back and mindlessly circle your legs around in the air or you can truly connect your mind to the deep core muscles in your body. Listen, connect and breathe in this class and you’ll feel more concentrated and connected to your body than ever.


What are the health benefits of Mindful Pilates?

You will improve your flexibility in this class, your muscle strength & tone as well as enhancing your muscular control of your core, back & limbs.


Is Mindful Pilates for beginners?

Mindful Pilates is a gentle style of Pilates that is suitable for all types of fitness levels & is a great way to ease into this type of exercise.


What is a Mindful Pilates class like?

You’ll be concentrating & connecting with your mind & body in this class, practicing your breathing techniques & listening to how your body responds to each breath, thought & movement.


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