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Flow Yoga


Props: Yoga mat  |  Calories Burned: Up to 500  |  Intensity: Moderate

What is Flow Yoga?

Flow Yoga is about linking the breath with the pose. This class will move from pose to pose in a smooth, easy manner, like Meditation in Motion. On a deeper level, as resistance is released and tension is shed, you will be able flow with the present moment.


Flow Yoga Health Benefits

Flow Yoga will improve your strength, endurance & of course your flexibility. It is a whole body workout that will allow you to correct muscular imbalances in the body, prevent injuries & reduce any stress or tension you might be experiencing.


Is Flow Yoga for beginners?

Flow Yoga is a gentle style of yoga that caters to all fitness levels. If you are beginner, we encourage you to definitely come & try this class out!


What is a Flow Yoga class like?

You can expect to be linking your breath with every pose you perform. You’ll move from pose to pose in a smooth, easy manner & feel relaxed after your workout!


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