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Burn and Firm Pilates


Props: Yoga mat  |  Calories Burned: Up to 500  |  Intensity: Medium

What is Burn & Firm Pilates?

Burn & Firm Pilates is the most simple and fundamental form of Pilates. Using your own body weight and gravity, this class will focus mainly on developing your core strength. Suitable for all fitness levels.


What are the health benefits of Burn & Firm Pilates?

This class will improve your flexibility, core strength & will also help to increase muscle strength and tone.


Is Burn & Firm Pilates good for weight loss?

Yes, you’ll definitely work up a sweat in this class!


Is Burn & Firm Pilates suitable for beginners?

This class is suitable for all fitness levels! Our friendly instructors will modify poses for the beginner if need be.


What is a Burn & Firm Pilates class like?

You can expect to be challenged in this class, putting yourself into unstable positions & postures working up a sweat.


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