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Are you looking for fat loss and want to give Pilates a go?! Then Fatburning Pilates is for you!

Fatburning Pilates is a class that combines calorie burning cardio and Pilates based toning to maximise fat burning potential. FBP incorporates the flow of dance and principles of Pilates.

The Top 5 features and benefits are;

  1. It flows – There is a flow from movement to movement that makes this class smooth and easy to follow. This flow is also the catalyst for some serious calorie burning fun! It interlaces one movement to the next and gets you heart rate up but best of all it is totally low impact.
  2. Improved posture – This is subtly infused through everything you do in this class, designed to help your body align and your joints to stack more easily on top of each other so that all other exercise and day to day movements become more efficient.
  3. A Strong Core – You are educated on how the core works and practically put it into action. Anyone who has ever injured their back, had a baby or aimed to achieve a 6-pack will thrive from this.
  4. Better Mobility & Flexibility – The class transitions definitely play on the side of increasing range of movement and lengthening muscles. Each time there is a new focus area of the body to improve and the way breathwork is incorporated aids this process.
  5. You burn fat – Hence the name, this class has a focus on increasing your heartrate in intervals to allow the fat burning process to really advance within your body. The beauty of this kind of training is the “afterburn effect” which causes a post-exercise consumption of oxygen that increases more fat to be burned than a regular workout would allow. Not all pilates classes do this, but this class does.


Expect to sweat, burn, and ultimately revel in the satisfaction of a challenging yet rewarding workout that combines the best of Pilates, interval training and cardio to achieve unparalleled results.

Enjoy a Fatburning Pilates class today, that aids in fat loss and at the same time, tones your muscles comprehensively.


No pressure to join. No judgments. Experience everything under one roof with over 2000sqm of fresh and clean fun!+

+Ts and Cs apply. Some restrictions apply, see free pass confirmation for details.


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