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POP Pilates: Blending Pop Culture with Traditional Pilates

Watching POP Pilates evolve from its early days on YouTube into a global fitness phenomenon has been nothing short of inspiring.

Searching for fun fitness routines online, I stumbled across a video that immediately caught my eye! Created by Cassey Ho – POP Pilates videos took my online workout experience to another place. It breathed new life into traditional Pilates by infusing it with the energy and rhythms of pop music. This approach transformed the average Pilates routine from a serene workout to a dynamic and engaging experience.

As a witness to its growth, it’s remarkable to see how this passion project blossomed into a worldwide movement. POP Pilates has not just revolutionized fitness; it’s created a vibrant, supportive culture that motivates people through joy to practice fundamental movement patterns. In a POP Pilates class, you can expect to be transported into a space where you feel this warmth and guidance. You get a beautiful blend of trending pilates movements with an awesome sound track. You are led through a class that makes you feel like its just a whole heap of fun but you are benefiting greatly. And best of all you leave feeling like you just want to go back!

There is anywhere from 9 – 15 tracks depending on the class length and each track features about 4 movements, so really simple to follow. It’s really useful that there is also a focus area for each track, for example booty track, abs track, arms track and so on.

By following along twice a week for a couple of months I saw some dramatic mobility improvements, strength gains and my posture improved. Either that, or it just left me feeling more confident so my body language improved. I felt after every 60-minute session, that I had had the best overall body workout and it left me with a spring in my step!

It made me fall in love exercise all over again. Do you have a routine that makes you want to take on the world?


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