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How To Become More Flexible

Flexibility refers to the ability of your joints and muscles to move through a full range of motion without restriction or pain.


It’s an important aspect of physical fitness and is essential for maintaining good posture, preventing injury, and performing everyday activities with ease. Flexibility can be improved through regular stretching exercises, which help to increase the range of motion around a joint and improve the elasticity of muscles and connective tissue.


In general, the more flexible you are, the better able you are to move your body in a fluid and unrestricted way.





So, how do you actually become more flexible?! We’ve made a list of some of the best ways to improve the way you move your body!



Stretch regularly


Consistent stretching can help improve your flexibility over time. You can incorporate stretching into your daily routine, either in the morning or before bed. Stretching is great pre & post workout – loosening up tight muscles and preparing them for activity. Stretching can also help reduce recovery times between workouts – & get you back exercising faster!


Try Pilates or Yoga


These activities can help improve your flexibility, as they focus on stretching and strengthening the muscles. Take a look at our class timetable & book in your next yoga/pilates session with us!


Incorporate dynamic stretching


Dynamic stretching involves moving the body through a range of motion to warm up the muscles and prepare them for activity. Incorporating dynamic stretching into your workout routine can help improve flexibility.


Use a foam roller


Foam rolling is a form of self-massage that can help release tight muscles, improve flexibility, and reduce recovery time. At Crunch Fitness, we have many foam rollers on site ready for you to get rollin’! We’ve also got an awesome set of Therabody Theragun Percussion massage guns that target specific muscles. Give one a try the next time you visit!


Stay hydrated


Staying hydrated can help keep your muscles supple and pliable. Whilst water is essential for day to day life, increased water intake is needed for those performing regular physical activity to reduce muscle cramps and fatigue.


Be patient


Improving flexibility takes time and consistency. Don’t expect immediate results, be patient and focus on becoming a little better each & every day! You got this!



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