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Best Assault Bike Workouts!

Assault bikes are one of the hardest cardio machines there is! They test not only your physical endurance, but also your mental stamina. The full body workout can push even the fittest to their limits. Today we are taking a look at exactly what an Assault bike is, and some of the best workouts that go with it!


What is an Assault bike?

Have you ever walked past that funny looking bike and though “what in the world is that?!” Well not to worry, we did too when we first saw it! The assault bike is similar to that of a stationary bike, however a BIGGG fan is at the front instead of a wheel. Unlike a stationary bike, you have to push and pull the handles on an assault bike (along with pedalling) to get the machine moving! This makes the machine one of the hardest pieces of equipment in the gym, giving your entire body a workout.



What are the benefits?

The Assault bike is quite a simple machine once familiar with it. The intensity of a workout is directly up to the person sitting on it! As the bike is a ‘full-body’ exercise, the benefits are highly desirable, with many of the top athlete’s worldwide using this piece of equipment to keep them in tip top shape.

Improves aerobic conditioning

This type of workout is great for improving endurance. “The continuous, rhythmic movement strengthens your heart and lungs, delivering more oxygen to your muscles while exercising.” – Rugbywarfare.com

Full-Body workout

Combining the pedalling and upper body movements of pulling and pushing give this machine an edge over many others. This a total body exercise that is great for those who are injured, or even looking to give your lower body joints, such as knees and ankles, a well-deserved break.

Burns calories fast

One of the greatest machines to burn calories at a fast rate. The rate in which they are burnt however, is entirely up to you. The faster and harder you go, the quicker they burn up! Assault bikes can burn up to 80 calories a minute!

Test your mental strength

Whilst you make think this piece of equipment can only test you physically, beware! The assault bike can push you to your absolute limits, with your mind telling you to give up when you’ve only just begun! A great test for anyone looking to push themselves in both aspects of training.



5 of the best Assault bike workouts?

1 ON 2 OFF

This one is simple, 1 minute of pushing yourself. 2 minutes recover.

Aim to hit max calories for each minute.

You can vary the length of this workout; however, we recommend anywhere between 5 and 10 sets!


20:10 Tabata

20 seconds on

10 seconds off

10 rounds of this should have the heart rate pumping! Total time = 5 mins.


Pyramid Power

Just like a pyramid, you’ll build up to 50 second efforts and back down again.

Min 1 – 10 sec on, 50 secs rest

Min 2 – 20 secs on, 40 secs rest

Min 3 – 30 sec on, 30 secs rest

Min 4 – 40 secs on, 20 secs rest

Min 5 – 50 sec on, 10 secs rest

Min 6 – 40 secs on, 20 secs rest

And then back down to 10 secs on.

Total time = 9 mins.


Burn ‘Em

One of the toughest workouts. Every minute, increase the number of calories needed to be burnt.


Min 1 = 2 calories

Min 2 = 4 calories

Min 3 = 6 calories

Continue to increase calories until you can’t reach the target anymore. Good luck!


Calorie Chasin’

This workout can be done one of two ways. Start at hitting 5 calories, then keep working upwards, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 Cals.

1:1 work to rest.

You can start at 30 Cals and work down, whatever you prefer! Just a heads up, you’ll be tested!


These are just some common workouts that you can try on the assault bike! Feel free to add in other exercises or change the amount of time spent pushing, pulling and pedalling! The variety that comes with this piece of equipment is great, and it is entirely up to you as to how hard the workout will be. Tag us in any workouts that you do on the assault, we’d love to share them with others! Use our Instagram @crunchfitnessau our TikTok @crunchfitness or our Facebook @ Crunch Fitness Australia.



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