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Many people are unaware of what HydroMassage exactly is, and in turn the benefits that come with using this form of recovery. Below, we’ll guide you through what it’s all about, including the benefits of using HydroMassage and how it can take your recovery to the next level.


HydroMassage – what is it?


HydroMassage is a hands-free massage therapy that uses water massage technology to provide comfort and relief to targeted areas of the body. While many hydrotherapy treatments require immersion in water, HydroMassage applies water jets through a bed or lounge to massage the body, meaning one can reap the benefits of hydrotherapy anywhere, anytime. This type of treatment is perfect for athletes, individuals dealing with aches and pains or anyone seeking overall wellness for both body and mind. – Hydromassage.com


What are the benefits?


Provides relief from aches & pains

The treatment targets ‘trigger’ areas around the body, including the neck and lower back. Loosening these muscles helps to relieve built up tension from day-to-day activities or a workout.


Reduces stress & anxiety levels

Hydromassage can assist in reducing both stress and anxiety levels. The massaging water jets soothe both the mind and body.


Reduces muscle soreness & tension

Using the Hydromassage beds are a great way to reduce that post workout muscle tightness. Relieving tension built up by exercise will promote healthy recovery and get you back in the gym faster!


Increases circulation

Increasing circulation along the posterior chain is another benefit of using this recovery tool. Encouraging blood flow will also improve those tired and sore muscles!


Feeling of relaxation

Winding down and reducing built up frustrations throughout the day can be assisted with Hydromassage. The water jets can relax the body, giving the individual a greater sense of calm.


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