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100 Health Hacks to add to your Halo

The countdown is on to the Festive season so to kickstart the celebrations, we want to share with you 100 hacks to help add to your health halo. An article written by one of our very own ‘Crunchies’ and formerly published by Oxygen Magazine Australia. Thankyou @biancaballingerfitness!

  1. Eat balanced and healthy: good energy in, good energy out.
  2. Practise gratitude: you’re alive! Be thankful for that
  3. Drink H2o: it is essential for optimal health and survival
  4. Enjoy sunshine: Vitamin D is nature’s happy drug and works wonders for mental health
  5. Always use SPF+ to protect your skin from harmful UV rays
  6. Sing and dance: free your spirit with a little shimmy, shimmy
  7. Lift weights: it’s body, bone and brain-strengthening
  8. Treat your hair, skin and nails often: coconut oil is perfect for all three
  9. Exfoliate: shed old skin to help regenerate the largest organ of our bodies
  10. Eat protein-rich food daily: your best body, hair, skin and nails depend on it

  11. Meditate: be present, breathe and live in the moment
  12. Try dairy-free: do your digestive system a favour occasionally, and try almond and soy substitutes while you take a break
  13. Take magnesium: help reduce PMS, sore muscles and restless leg syndrome
  14. a dab of perfume: and say goodbye to the raised red pimple! You’ll be better settled by the morning
  15. Eat fibre everyday: everybody needs to be regular
  16. Sleep a sound 7-8 hours: re-energising and recovery depends on it
  17. Schedule active recovery days: keep moving… but keep it leisurely and gentle
  18. Reach out: it is a fact that familiar faces make us feel happier and healthier! Who are you missing? Call them
  19. Get a massage: rid those toxins and lactic acids from your muscles
  20. Exercise outdoors: the fresh air and greenery trigger happy, healthy brain function and blood circulation

  21. Set a goal each month: 12 achievements in a year is pretty amazing
  22. Stretch and practice yoga: lengthen to strengthen your mind, body and soul sister
  23. Keep a journal
  24. De-clutter your environment: cleanliness promotes clarity
  25. Positive self talk: you are destined for special things; embrace your unique journey
  26. The human brain thrives on Omega 3 fatty acids: your memory, joints and body benefit most from it
  27. Your body needs iron: if you feel weak or tired, try boosting your iron with supplements, red meat, spinach or beetroot
  28. Google ‘reflexology’ to see how amazingly connected to our feet we truly are: then start massaging them according to your needs
  29. Eat dark chocolate: It’s a sure-fire way to get rich in anti-choc-sidants
  30. Foam roll: It is a great way to release your whole body from muscular tension and promote healthy circulation

  31. Carbohydrates are not the enemy: they are essential for balanced and sustainable energy levels
  32. Vitamin C: fights free radical cell damage and helps to ward off colds and flus
  33. Brush and floss daily: look after your teeth! Cavities and plaque are not cool
  34. Diaphragmatic breathing: fill your lower belly with deep-set breaths. Shallow breathing or ‘chest’ breaths hinder maximum oxygen benefits
  35. Hug and kiss loved ones: use the two most common, universal languages of love, it’s soul soothing and it’s FREE
  36. Use or take Vitamin E: It works to block free radicals from the body. If we fight off free radicals, we can reduce wrinkles and keep skin youthful-looking
  37. Dark eye circle hack: use tea bags that have been boiled and refrigerate – voila!
  38. Take a group class! It’s fun. exhilarating & the best part… you’re keeping fit!
  39. Prioritise your health needs FIRST: what do YOU need to feel better each day? Make it a non negotiable
  40. Get a workout buddy! It’ll motivate you to train & it’s a great way to catch up!

  41. Make your own marinades: try extra-v olive oil, lemon, fresh herbs, apple cider vinegar and Greek yoghurt
  42. Sip to settle PMS: Peppermint and camomile tea can calm PMS discomforts and help you relax
  43. Fast food = SMOOTHIES: maximise nutrition while minimising time whizzing up all your favourite fruits and vegetables
  44. Celery sticks: these pack a digestive-settling punch! Plus, they are crunchy and easy to eat on the go with some natural peanut butter
  45. Substitute refined sugar: grab an orange, fresh blueberries, strawberries, an apple or a kiwi fruit when you need a healthy sugar kick
  46. Eat spinach: the other kind of iron us fit-crunchies need
  47. Invest in good quality fitness gear (women we’re talking bras): you deserve the comfort. Take care of your body with correct sizing & support!
  48. Get moles/ skin tags/ spots checked
  49. Combat colds and cases of flu with: garlic, onion, ginger and sage
  50. Make lists: sit and write down your priorities. It’s a foolproof productivity hack plus it’s so satisfying to ‘tick-off’ as you go

  51. Tote’s eat proats: protein and oats with a handful of berries works like super fuel
  52. For speedy weight loss: try the 80/20 approach. Fill your plate with 20% protein and 80% salad or vegetables, twice a day
  53. Kick the caffeine: try decaf or herbal drinks for a change
  54. Get moles & spots checked: early detection of skin cancer saves lives
  55. Always use SPF+ to protect your skin from harmful rays & avoid skin cancer
  56. Replace your old runners, pillows & (girls) bras
  57. Cleanse, tone and moisturise: it makes your skin glow and can balance out pH levels
  58. Check your posture: stand side-on to a mirror and check your resting posture
  59. Release tension: try burning some lavender essential oil in your home
  60. Listen to upbeat music: your endorphins will love you for it

  61. Nuts are a great snack (in small portions)
  62. Swim your way to a relaxed body: nothing relaxes joints and muscles quite like a leisurely swim
  63. Believe in yourself and put in the work: energy flows where attention goes
  64. Don’t every underestimate the power of a good shower cry: showers are for cleansing
  65. communicate openly with others: don’t like/want/have something? Just say from a place of love. Life is easier when you’re honest
  66. If someone is taking advantage of you, cut them out or call them out
  67. Keep your hands away from your face: touching, picking, squeezing and rubbing at your face can spread bacteria, cause further irritation to existing pimples/acne, and can also cause skin to age quicker
  68. When fun nights = mozzie bites: use some crushed ice. honey or basil to soothe those itchy spots
  69. Family planning: get started on pre nata vitamins containing folic acid ASAP
  70. Try a Group Fitness class at Crunch Fitness! You won’t regret it!

  71. Start an emergency account and make sure it’s difficult to access
  72. Let your body breathe: buy clothing you are comfortable in
  73. Let there be light: fill your home/ work environment with as much natural light as possible. As humans, we become a product of our environment and who doesn’t want to feel bright, light and happy, daily!
  74. Ditch that plastic bottle and buy BPA free: cheap plastic bottles can begin breaking down, especially in warm areas such as cars
  75. Long hair needs care: if you’re trying to grow your hair, ensure your diet is rich in protein, keep tying hair up to a minimum, get regular trims and a hair, skin and nail vitamin daily
  76. Kick the ‘sicks’ with vicks: that powerful smell of menthol along with its soothing, decongesting effects can comfort any cold sufferer
  77. Use the Theragun on sore muscles – great for muscle recovery!
  78. More chews help you lose: chewing your food thoroughly before swallowing assists your digestive system and gives your brain time to register that you are full
  79. Lip smacking chocolate mousse: For a delicious low calorie fuel up, mix a scoop of your favourite protein with a small tub of low fat greek yoghurt
  80. Meditate: Taking a moment out of your day to clear your mind can help reduce stress & tension in the body & mind

  81. Don’t be disheartened by nay-sayers: If you think you can, you can & and vice versa
  82. Stash a pack of: baby wipes, needle & thread, safety pins, hair ties and a nail file in your car (girls!)
  83. Sit up straight: Look after your posture and remember crossing your legs creates pressure on the back of your knees and causes spider veins
  84. Keep it fresh: Keep your creams, lip balms & other products fresh to avoid yucky bacteria!
  85. Move more: Park your car further away, take the stairs, lunge in your lunch break, walk or ride to work
  86. Be a spirit lifter: lift those around you by complementing then and their unique qualities
  87. Vitamin E oil: smooths, soothes & softens skin as well as reduces scars
  88. Go with your gut: If you feel strongly about something, especially your safety or those in your circle, trust your gut
  89. ASK for it: if you know you deserve it. The worst you’ll get is a ‘no’ and ‘no’ can often push you in a better direction
  90. Money doesn’t make you rich: a loving circle of family and friends does

  91. Get ambulance cover: especially if you have children
  92. Subscribe to Crunch Fitness YouTube! Inspiration is priceless, knowledge is power & that’s where we’ve got you covered
  93. Smile often! This small, universal gesture of kindness can make a big impact
  94. Always wear a seatbelt and never drink and drive: road safety first – period!
  95. Drink more water: it helps clear your skin while keeping you hydrated
  96. Get some vitamin D by going out in the sun or taking vitamins! Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body
  97. Alleviate stress and hormonal imbalances: by taking complete rests from strict dieting and strenuous exercise. Live a little!
  98. Remember everything is temporary: if things aren’t looking up, don’t worry
  99. If you love them, hug them: a 20 second hug works wonders for emotional wellbeing
  100. Embrace change: This is how you will grow!


No matter where you are with your health & fitness plan we can provide the advice you need to move forward to reach your goals. Our certified world-class personal trainers are here to help you and make you feel confident with your fitness journey.

Get in touch with one of our friendly Crunch staff members today to book a personal training session.

All information in this article is written by Bianca Ballinger @biancaballingerfitness & edited by ceo Lindy Olsen


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