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POP Pilates x CRUNCH

What is POP Pilates®?

POP Pilates® is where strength meets flexibility. Think highly-focused movements that leave your body toned and transformed. This isn’t your average workout. It’s a dance on the mat.


In a full 55-minute POP Pilates® class, you’ll experience a mix of modern, upbeat, and classical Pilates exercises all set to a heart-pumping playlist. Each song track has a different focus, including Total Body Opener, Hundreds, Crazy Cardio, Ab Challenge, Back Work, Thigh Burnout, Flexibility, and so much more! We mean it when we say no muscle is left untouched.


Designed as an equipment-free class with a range of movement modifications, POP Pilates® is for everybody.


POP Pilates launches tonight!


You can catch a class at the following locations;


Springvale – Thursday 5.30pm

Alexandria – Tuesday 5.45pm

Chatswood – Wednesday 10.00am

Bankstown – Tuesday 5.45pm

Bankstown – Wednesday 9.30am

Mortdale – Wednesday 10.15am

Mortdale – Sunday 8.30am

Chadstone – Monday 7:45pm

Chadstone – Tuesday 9:30am