Ultimate Conditioning


Ultimate Conditioning

The Workout

The class has some essential elements and can use a combination of any known training method to ensure you get the ultimate workout! The essential elements are: A complete all over body workout, includes strength and cardio components, the element of working with others (partner or team) as well as a monthly challenge (repeated each class for the month).


Class duration usually is: 45min, 50 or 60min


The class is designed to put a twist on your traditional circuit workouts and breaks up the circuit with an interval of cardio. A combined challenge will be sprinkled somewhere in the class and you can improve your goals based on this challenge over the course of the month.


All exercises are easily modified so that you can get the most optimal workout for your ability.

Why It Works

+ There is an element of teamwork that will help inspire you, keep you motivated and also accountable.


+ It hits every muscle group of your body so you are getting an effective whole body workout.


+ You’ll burn up to 800+ calories per hour, have people around to motivate and work with as well as give you a variety of different circuits week after week.


+ You’ll improve your strength, flexibility, speed, agility, power, coordination, endurance and cardio all in the one class. This is what makes it the “Ultimate Conditioning” workout!