The Workout

Is a 45 – 60minute dance class that allows you to lose your inhibitions and feel free. It includes tracks that allow for a variety of different dance styles to a variety of different music genres such as Pop music, R’n’B, Hip hop and the list goes on. It is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and give you some fun, new dance moves to use.


Designed for all fitness levels, #JUSTDANCE provides the perfect dance floor for letting loose, forgetting your worries, and expressing yourself! The choreography is easy to follow along with yet is challenging enough to keep you wanting more. Men and women alike, enjoy sharing the space to

Why It Works

+ It is specifically designed to give you a vast array of tracks that vary in style, mood, tempo and flavour. Each track has its own focus and is choreographed by sequencing together specific moves that reflect the song to help make you move with ease.


+ You’ll burn up to 900+ calories per hour, your cardiovascular fitness will escalate, you’ll improve your coordination, increase your mental capacity and dance your way to a greater more expressive space.


+ #JUSTDANCE creates a platform for freedom of expression and over the course of a few classes you will quickly notice an improvement in your rhythm, timing, movement quality as well as musicality.


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