Celebrity Body


Celebrity Body

The Workout

The class design is freestyle based on the goal of the class. It can include some choreography if that is the celebrity focus and the focus of the participants. Most classes are drill based with repetition combinations and timed rounds. Equipment may or may not be used depending on the goal.


The music used in class is also themed around the chosen celebrity and a clear introduction is provided at the start of the class that explains who they are and how the workout relates to them.


Some examples are;
Madonna – Upper Body/Arms focus
Beyonce – Lower body booty focus
Michelle Bridges – A Biggest Loser inspired workouts
Rhonda Rousey – Boxing conditioning workout
Wonder Woman – Train like Wonder woman
Arnold Shwarzenegger – Body building workout

Why It Works

+ Every class has a different focus.


+ You can burn between 500-800 calories per class.


+ It brings an exciting twist to your everyday workout routine. You get to stay up to date with what is trending in the fitness world.


+ It is suitable for everyone with many variations of each exercise available.