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IT’S TIME TO RESET! Your Crunch Club will ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY reopen Monday 11th October.  We’re opening normal hours and will be ‘set and ready’ to welcome you back to enjoy everything you love about your Crunch!

For a super smooth transition back into your workout life at Crunch we have set up a fast-track check-in system we think you’ll love. 

Your Covid-safe re-entry to Crunch in phase one of re-opening;


Please QR Code check-in for every Crunch visit

  • QR scan codes are available on signage around outdoor entry points and lobby areas
  • Use your Crunch membership card to swipe through the turnstile on every entry
  • On your first entry – you will be prompted to show proof of vax certificate or your Official Service NSW Medical Exemption before you can access through turnstiles
  • You only need to show proof of vax certificate or Medical Exemption on your first visit


You must show your valid Vaccination Certificate or your Official Service NSW Medical Exemption to Crunch team on your first visit

  • On sighting of your vax certificate or exemption, we will update your Member records with vax proof
  • You will not need to show proof of vax certificates or exemptions on future visits


Crunch has everything under one massive roof for you to enjoy your new freedoms!

Please be reminded of the following safety protocols;

  • Mask-up – please play it safe, do the right thing and wear your mask whenever possible. You can remove masks when exercising.
  • Physical distancing is required, please stay 1.5M distance apart.
  • We will manage club capacity usage by the 1 person per 4sqm rule. To assist with this, Peak and Summit Guest privileges will only be available after Monday October 25th.
  • Follow Fresh and Clean protocols implemented in your club, please make personal hygiene a priority.
  • Bring your own towel – strictly no towel, no workout. Please respect others - wipe down equipment after use.
  •  Group Fitness studios will be partitioned into zones to allow up to 20 people per zone, keeping 1 person per 4sqm distancing, and your schedule is available online here!


And just in-case you needed more motivation to make the most of our new freedoms we’ve  created a 30 Day RESET program.  Its free, it’s fun and its designed to help you RESET your health and fitness goals.  So get inspired! Get ABSOLUTELY. POSITIVELY. RESET. And finish this 2021 off on a high!

We stand ready to help you perspire to greatness again, you deserve it!

As always your Crunch team guarantees you a safe and fun return back so you no longer have to miss out on enjoying the variety of working out with true freedom. 


For month to month memberships

Your RESET starts Monday 11th October.  Your next billing date will be on Thursday  14th October.  Your membership fees will include a pro-rata rate from 11th to 20th October.  This will realign you with normal billing cycle. 

Please note two changes to our billing;

  • As preferred by members, the billing day has changed to Thursdays (instead of Fridays)
  • Billing company name has changed to Payrix Australia

As a reminder, your membership has been on HOLD since 16th July 2021.  Your last billing date was on the 2nd of July and your membership has a 3 week credit applied to the end of your membership. 


Annual Fees

Despite our forced club closures, we have continued to invest significantly in club maintenance and up-grades including installing new protocols to keep everyone safe.  This investment makes it necessary to charge Annual Fees as per your member agreement.

If your Annual Fee was due during the “shut-down” period, we will not apply this annual fee until the 18th November ie after reopening.  Otherwise your Annual Fee will be applied on your regular anniversary date.

For PIF memberships

Your membership has been placed on HOLD for the duration of the lock-down.  You will receive a credit in the form of a ‘membership expiration extension’ for the number of days we were shut-down.  Your membership will be reactivated on the 11th of October 2021.

If you are unvaccinated, you can request us to place your membership on Hold until you are able to safely return to Crunch. This will also ensure that you do not lose out on using your 7 weeks of credit. Please contact us on Memberservices@crunch.com.au. This request must be made before 12th October to give us time to process it before billing.

Don’t miss this chance to ENJOY YOUR NEW FREEDOMS at Crunch.  We look forward to welcoming you back so you can super-charge your workouts!! 

Get set, get ready for an Absolutely! Positively!  RESET at Crunch!

Crunch is looking for staff to join our #fitfam! Click here see all our available positions! 

Your Crunch Team


Crunch Fitness Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands across Australia as the continuing custodians of Country and Culture. We pay our respect to First Nations peoples and their Elders, past and present.

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