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Zumba® Classes


Get Fit & Have Fun at our Zumba Classes 


Welcome to the party! Get fit while having fun in a party-like atmosphere at our Zumba classes. Zumba is a world famous fitness program inspired by hypnotic Latin rhythms. Created in Colombia in the 1990’s, Zumba is quickly taking the world by storm with 15 million people taking weekly classes across 180 countries. 


Our Zumba classes are suitable for beginners or seasoned specialists. Guaranteed to be an effective workout that will have you hooked and leave you wanting more! 


ZUMBA FOR THE PEOPLE is held one Sunday a month at Crunch Fitness Sydney CBD from 10am – 11am. Best part? It’s FREE FOR ALL! So tell your friends!

Upcoming ‘Zumba for the People’ Dates
Sunday 8th November

Sunday 6th December


What are the Benefits of Zumba?


Get a full workout & a toned look!

With it’s exhilarating and creative moves, Zumba incorporates every part of your body for total body toning. From head and shoulder rolls, to your hips and core as well as footwork that strengthens your calves and ankles. Get ready to work all aspects of your body and feel sore in places you didn’t even know existed! 


Burn calories and aid weight loss – it’s guaranteed!

At its core, Zumba is a high intensity workout that will have you breaking a sweat within minutes! This workout is choreographed in a way to maximise energy expenditure for fat-burning benefits. Whether you have the moves down pat or not, the supportive environment will inspire you to keep your body moving the whole duration of the class. 

Within a one hour Zumba class, you will have burnt 600+ calories! 


Improve your cardiovascular health 

Zumba is an aerobic exercise, which in simple terms means it is a cardio workout that gets your heart rate up and does wonders to your heart and lungs overtime. With Zumba’s workout range from low to high intensity movements, it makes it a near perfect workout for your heart. With it’s dynamic, fun nature you won’t even realise how hard you are working. 


Reduce anxiety 

If you’re looking to de-stress and reduce your anxiety, Zumba is perfect. As we all know, when you exercise your body produces endorphins which can be described in basic terms as “feel good chemicals”. When you combine exercise with the social and fun based activity of a Zumba class, your mood will instantly be improved and will eliminate any stress hormones in your body. 


Improve coordination 

The fast paced nature of the moves are perfect for improving your coordination. In Zumba, you are required to move in a way that requires a great deal of coordination. Therefore, as you continually participate in Zumba classes, your coordination will quickly improve, without you even realising! 


Overview of Zumba Classes at Crunch 


We offer a range of classes suitable for all levels of experience. Come join the dance party by participating in any of our fun zumba classes. 


Strong by Zumba 

Best for: People who are looking for high intensity tempo training that will build muscle and leave them dripping in sweat.

The benefits: This workout is a challenging, full body workout that will have you jumping, pushing, punching and kicking in perfect sync with the music. 


Zumba with Bursts 

Best for: People who want a high intensity workout that incorporates electrifying fitness exercises into the well-recognised Zumba formula. Perfect for those that want a full body workout whilst having fun. 

The benefits: This high intensity workout will greatly improve your cardio fitness.


Zumba Gold 

Best for: Active older adults who want to participate in Zumba. This Zumba class is a low intensity alternative for those who want the health benefits of Zumba without an overly strenuous workout. 

Benefits: This class provides active older adults with a workout that will allow them to stay fit through the total body workout of a Zumba class. 


How Long are Our Zumba Classes? 


A typical Zumba class lasts an hour. Our classes begin with a warm-up which includes some dynamic stretching. Then comes the choreographed workout and we end with a cool down. 


What Should You Wear to a Zumba Class?


Comfort is key for Zumba! With it’s high intensity, dynamic dance moves that constantly have you jumping and darting, comfortable fitness attire that gives you full range of motion is perfect. 

You also want to wear clothes that absorb sweat, such as cotton and nylon. When choosing bottoms to wear we recommend wearing stretchable leggings, capri pants or workout shorts. For tops choose breathable t-shirts and singlets. 

Zumba is all about having fun, so when choosing your clothes don’t be afraid to go for bright, vibrant colours! 


What are the Best Sneakers for a Zumba Class? 


It is important that you wear comfortable, supportive shoes. Zumba has a lot of pivots and side-to-side movements so you want to make sure your footwear can handle that and support your ankle whilst providing cushioning. We recommend wearing shoes that are lightweight, breathable and supportive, especially around the arch area. 


Don’t Miss Out, Attend a Zumba Class in Sydney and Melbourne today! 


We have Crunch clubs located all across Sydney and Melbourne. From Sydney’s North Shore, Chatswood location, to a gym in the heart of Sydney’s CBD to Sydney’s South with gyms in Mortdale and Carinbah. All Sydney siders can get involved in a Zumba class. In Melbourne we have clubs located in the South Eastern suburbs of Springvale and Mentone as well as Epping in North Melbourne. 

The millions of people around the world who love Zumba can’t be wrong. Give it a go today and find out why it is one of the Australian’s most loved fitness workouts.



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