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Yin and Yang Yoga


What is Yin and Yang Yoga?

Yin and Yang Yoga is a class that will challenge you through hot, physical yang yoga, helping you develop muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility before slowing down into the long, held stretches of yin to finish. Stretch, sweat and chill relax – this class has it all!


What are the benefits of Yin and Yang Yoga?

Yin and Yang benefits include developing muscular strength, stamina as well as flexibility. You will feel stronger and fitter after this awesome workout!


Is Yin and Yang Yoga for beginners?

This class might be challenging for the beginner, however all skill levels are welcome to have a go! Our friendly instructors will modify specific movements for you if the exercise is too difficult.


What is a Yin and Yang Yoga class like?

Move your body through this progressive yoga class that balances out active vinyasa flow yoga with gentle yin stretching. You will run through a series of asanas of the Yang yoga style that will test your flexibility and strength while combining Yin yoga movements of long-held poses. A challenging yet rewarding class.


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