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Surf Fit Yoga


Props: Yoga mat  |  Calories Burned: 400-600  |  Intensity: Medium

What is Surf Fit?

In this unique Yoga class you can expect postures to improve your core strength, balance, flexibility and lung capacity. This flow-based class will take you from strong standing postures to warm up the body to long-held lying postures to target the hips, shoulders and spine. Take the tranquil head space you find in this yoga class with you into the water. See you on the mat! Suitable for most people. If you are pregnant or with injury please advise your instructor.


Is Surf Fit for beginners?

This class is suitable for most fitness levels. Beginners are encouraged to try this class as our instructors will support you in modifying specific movements & techniques to suit your skill level.


What are the benefits of Surf Fit?

You can expect to feel stronger in your core, and improvement in your balance & flexibility. This class will leave you feeling calm and less stressed with a clearer mind.


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