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Roll And Release


What is Roll and Release Yoga?

Roll and Release Yoga uses specific tools such as balls to take your yoga practice to a different level. Move through the different yoga postures massaging and manipulating your myofascial tissue. This class is a great way to improve flexibility, release stress and improve blood flow.


 Is Roll and Release Yoga for beginners?

Roll and Release is definitely a class for beginners! If you enjoy exercises that are not so strenuous or harsh on your body, then this is the class for you. Your instructors will walk you through each movement whilst modifying specific exercises to suit your body.


What are the benefits of Roll and Release Yoga?

To give you some insight on how this class can act as a myofascial therapy session; myofascial pain is caused by muscular irritation, typically found in your trigger points throughout your muscle tissue e.g. upper back pain. This class will help to find these sensitive points and stimulate the stretch reflex in the muscle to increase flexibility and improve blood flow.


What is a Roll and Release Yoga class like?

It is very much a therapeutic class where you will be using specific tools such as balls to roll against your muscles, hitting those trigger points & manipulating your myofascial tissue to treat any specific muscular pain you may be experiencing. Your muscles will feel more relaxed after this class & after a few sessions, you will begin to feel stronger & more flexible in your body.


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