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Functional Yoga


Props: Yoga mat  |  Calories Burned: 400-600  |  Intensity: Medium

What is Functional Yoga?

Bring yourself back to centre in this yoga class designed to improve your posture, increase strength and tone your core. Regain focus as you build strength through yoga balance poses and deep breathing techniques. Suitable for most people. If you are pregnant or with injury please advise your instructor.


Is Body Functional Yoga for beginners?

Just like any class, certain exercises can be modified for the beginner. It may take you a few tries to get every technique spot on, but you will still benefit from doing a class of Functional yoga for the first time!


What are the benefits of Functional Yoga?

Functional Yoga benefits include increasing your strength & toning your core. It will help you to regain your focus & leave you feeling refreshed.


What is a Functional Yoga class like?

You will definitely work up a sweat in this class as you switch on your core while using all types of muscle groups to build strength throughout your whole body. It may be challenging at first, but definitely a fun & worthwhile class to try!

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