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Props: Yoga mat  |  Calories Burned: Up to 550  |  Intensity: Moderate - High

What is Caponyasa?

This fusion class combines the endurance, speed and strategy of Capoeira, a form of Brazilian martial arts, with the flow and poise of yoga for a dynamic Vinyasa sequence that will work out both your body and mind.


Caponyasa Health Benefits

You can expect to become very fit practising Caponyasa! This is because it is a sport that keeps the heart rate up, a full body workout that will strengthen your core, butt & thighs.


Is Caponyasa for beginners?

This is a fun class where we encourage people from all skill levels to have a go. Our instructors will modify movements & guide you through certain techniques to help you master the flow of Caponyasa!


What is a Caponyasa class like?

You will perform a series of Brazilian martial arts movements with the flow of Vinyasa Yoga. Expect to sweat in this fun & challenging class!


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