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Reggaeton with Valentina

Touring with different artists for the past 8 years now dancing Reggaeton, meet one of our Group Fitness Instructors straight from Colombia, Valentina! Starting out as a Membership Officer at Crunch and 3 months later kicking off her dance instructing career, she has taught in almost every Crunch club across NSW. You can find Valentina…

February 28, 2020     , ,
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New Lifestyle New Me: Mish Lee

We met up with the very humble, brave & confident Group Fitness Instructor, Mish from Crunch Mortdale! Teaching a variety of classes from Cardio Tai Box and Ultimate Conditioning and is trained in most strength, conditioning, HIIT training and boxing type classes, Mish shares with us her fitness journey! Through teaching these classes, she gives back…

February 16, 2020     ,
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Indulge This Valentine’s Day: Healthy Protein Balls

It’s easy to go overboard on the sweets on Valentine’s Day, so we’ve created this healthy Peanut Butter Protein Ball recipe. Not only are they delicious, but they are packed with protein and make a great snack! Gift the one you love with these healthy Valentine’s Day Protein Balls that they’ll love. You can also watch…

February 11, 2020    
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Top 10 Gym Bag Essentials

Are you ever stuck on what accessories and pieces of equipment to take with you to the gym? Going to the gym with an organised gym bag will save you loads of time! We’ve listed 10 gym bag essentials for you to fill your bag with and ultimately make your gym experience effortless and less…

February 10, 2020     ,
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Crunch Member to Group Fitness Instructor

We met up with one of our bubbly & fun-loving Group Fitness Instructors, Vanessa Azzopardi. She shares her journey from starting out as a member at Crunch to scoring a job as an instructor now teaching classes across three Crunch gyms in Sydney! VANESSA’S JOURNEY How did you become part of the Crunch family &…

February 3, 2020     ,
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A Journey That Transformed My Career

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of our awesome Group Fitness Instructors, Aaron Ishac. Starting out as a Membership Officer to now teaching full-time as a Group Fitness Instructor for classes such as Martial Arts, HIIT as well as Strength & Conditioning. Teaching across all Crunch Fitness clubs in Sydney, Aaron has proved his…

January 28, 2020     , ,
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Healthy Sandwich Bites

Are you ever stuck on what to make for lunch? We’re sure you don’t want to be eating the same boring thing you had yesterday, or the day before that. We’ve listed a few sandwich recipes that are easy to make, delicious & will keep you satisfied till dinner! These fillings can also be used…

January 10, 2020    
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Healthy Alternatives for Australia’s Favourite Foods

Australia Day is coming up & we know how hard it can be to not overindulge on food! We’ve provided some healthy alternatives for Australia’s favourite foods that will help allow you to enjoy those calories without feeling so guilty. Super Sausage Rolls If you’re looking for a healthy & tasty alternative to a sausage…

December 11, 2019    
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Death Sets – Plateau Busters 6, 12, 24

4 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM BY DANIELLE GEORGANAKIS Lacking a little bit of intensity? Death sets a just a way to get you out of a plateau and kick start a new religion in lifting. Not for the light hearted and all for the burn and fat loss. Increase weight but all reps must be completed…

December 1, 2019    
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Christmas Holidays: Stay Motivated

Do you struggle to stay on track over the Christmas holidays? We’re here to help! If you want to stay fit & healthy over the Christmas break, then check out these 10 tips to keep you motivated! Plan Ahead To avoid overeating, think ahead of time of what social events you have coming up. Stick…

November 26, 2019     ,
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