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Benefits of resistance band training

What exactly is Resistance Training? We hear this term thrown around a lot without truly understanding what it is and the benefits it has on one’s overall health and fitness. You will notice that a lot of our free online workouts are based around Resistance Training as it is proven that this type of training…

May 1, 2020    
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How to motivate yourself to work out from home

As we are settling into the colder months and our bed is getting cosier by the day it is becoming more and more challenging to smash out those fitness goals that we had all set out at the start of 2020. Even the best of us can agree that the hardest part of a workout…

April 23, 2020    
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Making exercise a habit

We don’t need to be told that having a workout routine and exercising on a regular basis is good for you both physically as well as mentally, but of course it is much easier said than done! Many of us struggle to make exercise a habit and as part of our daily routine which is…

April 17, 2020    
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Myths of Weight Loss

Although the internet is a great platform to use to gain information on diet and weight loss, we need to be aware that a lot of advice provided online to readers is unproven and in fact a myth! This blog is about helping you with those feelings of being overwhelmed with information online and will…

April 9, 2020    
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How to Fuel a Positive Mindset

During these uncertain times and while we isolate in our homes, it is important now more than ever to make sure our diets are in-check and not to neglect healthy eating habits. Although the temptations may be hard to fight, it is crucial to eat well and maintain a good diet by limiting the amount…

April 3, 2020    
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6 Tips to Stay Fighting Fit

Having a positive mindset and looking after your mental well being is crucial now more than ever. Although staying physically active is equally as important, having a good state of mind is essential for everyone in their day to day lives in order to function effectively, to deal with stressful situations and to remain positive…

March 27, 2020    
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Boosting Your Immune system is ALWAYS Beneficial

During this unprecedented time, we need to focus on boosting our immune system. Now that we live in a new coronavirus-induced world, we need to put our trust into the experts! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer good advice for preventing community spread and personal infection: apply social distancing, sanitize surfaces, wash your hands, don’t…

March 19, 2020    
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 ENJOY SOME SUNSHINE With the awesome weather and weekend coming up, we encourage you to ENJOY SOME SUNSHINE! Sunshine is good for immunity and bad for viruses The influenza virus is transmitted best at cooler temperatures and low humidity Sunshine makes disease-fighting cells in the skin move faster and work more efficiently Sunlight helps our…

March 19, 2020    
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Gluten and Dairy Free Banana Muffins

We’ve put together a DELICIOUS recipe for our Crunch members! These banana muffins are not only gluten-free, they’re also low in carbs & have no added sugar. We’ve substituted a few ingredients so all our Crunchies can enjoy this yummy treat full of powerhouse flavours. You can also watch the full video to this recipe on…

March 9, 2020    
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Member Spotlight: Chris Gleeson

We met up with Crunch Dee Why member, university student & now qualified Personal Trainer, Chris Gleeson. He shares with us how he went from only performing home workouts to eventually attending the gym on a regular basis. He explains how this has positively impacted his overall fitness journey. Chris’ story will help inspire you…

March 5, 2020     ,
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