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Working hard all year to only lose it over the festive season? That doesn’t sound very appealing. It can be the most difficult time of the year in terms of staying on track with your fitness goals, and whilst you can enjoy yourself, it is important to figure out the best of both worlds. Below…

December 13, 2021    
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Now everyone deserves to treat themselves once in a while, and what better time to do so during the Christmas holiday season. Today we will be running you through some of the classic and BEST slices to indulge in, that is if you have any room left after Christmas lunch!   First up we have…

December 7, 2021    
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The old adage of breakfast being “the most important meal of the day” has been regurgitated more times than anyone would like to know. With such little time in our day to day lives, especially during breakfast times, the team here at Crunch Fitness have formulated four awesome meals which will keep you on time,…

November 29, 2021    
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Everyone loves a protein ball, right? Enjoying a snack shouldn’t come with consequences. That’s why protein balls are a great alternative when it comes to treating yourself. Protein balls are GREAT for your health when made correctly, and can also assist in weight loss! Protein balls are delicious, nourishing, and easy to make. Below are…

November 26, 2021    
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Settling into WFH or returning to the office While working from home these past couple of months, a few of us have been guilty of setting up at the kitchen bench, couch or even our beds *chiropractors everywhere shudder…* So as restrictions ease and workplaces decide on permanently working from home or returning to the…

October 28, 2021     ,
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Beka Samiakos: My Fitness Journey

Meet Crunch Fitness member, Beka Samiakos. She is a dedicated Crunchie & she’s here to tell you a little bit about her personal fitness journey! Beka shares with us her dedication to training & healthy lifestyle, conquering the fear of being a female in the gym and doing weights, to her best tips and tricks!…

December 13, 2020     , ,
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100 Health Hacks to add to your Halo

The countdown is on to the Festive season so to kickstart the celebrations, we want to share with you 100 hacks to help add to your health halo. An article written by one of our very own ‘Crunchies’ and formerly published by Oxygen Magazine Australia. Thankyou @biancaballingerfitness! Eat balanced and healthy: good energy in, good energy…

December 1, 2020     , ,
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Healthy Christmas Recipes

We’re sharing our FAVOURITE Christmas recipes with you to give you some healthy (and tasty!) ideas for the holiday season! From sweet to savoury, we’ve got your back if you’re stuck on what to take to the family bbq! CACAO PAVLOVA INGREDIENTS 3 egg whites Pinch of cream of tartar 55g (1/4 cup) caster sugar…

November 27, 2020    
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Theragun: Ultimate Percussive Therapy Device

There’s a new revolutionary fitness tool that you’ll want to get your hands on… The Theragun! This ultimate percussive therapy device can be used to treat muscular pain, and help with stress, sleep & workout recovery. It’s like having your own personal masseuse on stand by! Fun Fact: The Theragun was developed by chiropractor Dr…

November 5, 2020     , ,
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SafeGuard Your Shoulders

Shoulder injuries from training are a common occurrence and can really slow your progress. It is important that you train all aspects of your shoulders to help minimise your chances of  injury and to  improve your performance. Three areas to focus on are Power, Control and Stability. Make sure your program covers all of these areas…

October 11, 2020     ,
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