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5 Simple Steps To Make Exercise A Habit

  “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty” – Theodore Roosevelt   This is the sort of quote that comes to mind when thinking about making exercise a habit. It’s something that is so worth doing, as it provides so many benefits in many aspects of…

October 5, 2018    
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Body Weighted Basics

If you’re a beginner at the gym, getting started can be quite daunting. However, many of the exercises you’ll do at the gym revolve around a small group of movements. Working on these basic movements improves your form, gives you a better workout, and lowers your risk of injury. To help you master the moves,…

October 5, 2018    
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Should I Use Free Weights Or Machines

What Are Free Weights? Free weights are any type of weight training equipment that doesn’t limit your body from moving when training. Some examples of free weight equipment include barbells, kettlebells and medicine balls. These types of weight training tools are great for building strength, flexibility in your body, balance in your core and muscle…

October 2, 2018    
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12 Best Tips for Eating Healthier this Easter

Surprise! Easter is here! It feels like Christmas was just yesterday and it’s already Easter! Whether you celebrate it or not, you can’t help but notice that chocolate temptations in all shapes and sizes are popping up everywhere you go. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself and eating some chocolate! The only thing is, sometimes…

February 5, 2018     ,
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